We have invested heavily in making sure our sites operate efficiently and productively.  Our Peterborough site has one of the most advanced pallet production lines in Europe.

Automated Production Lines

2 fully automated ‘IMH’ 4 way production lines

  • Very Flexible (Quick Changeover)
  • Up to 300 Pallets/Hr
  • 4 Man Operation
  • In-line branding/chamfer/c-cut
  • Hydraulic Nailing

1 fully automated ‘Storti’ 4 way line

  • Highly productive
  • Up to 500 Pallets/Hr
  • 4 Man Operation
  • In-line branding/chamfer/c-cut
  • Hydraulic/Beam Nailing
  • Robotic pallet handling

Dedicated EPAL Euro pallet production line

  • 80 Pallets/Hr
  • 2 Man Operation
  • In-line branding/chamfer/c-cut
  • Beam Nailing

2 fully automated Viking high speed 2 way production lines

  • 225 Pallets/Hr
  • 3 Man operation
  • In-line branding
  • Hydraulic nailing

Manual Production Lines

We have 20 manual assembly benches running across multiple shifts for specialist, bespoke and small batch production.

Other Facilities

Sawing and preparation

  • Bespoke and efficient crosscutting from multiple machines
  • Flexible sawmilling facilities including – Band re-sawing, panel sawing and planing

Kilns and drying

  • 13 Kiln Chambers
  • Each kiln has the capacity to kiln dry or heat treat 700 Euro pallets per charge
  • Kiln drying capacity of 35,000 pallets per week
  • Heat treatment capacity of 100,000 pallets per week
  • HLC has the largest kiln drying & heat treatment capacity of any pallet manufacturer in the UK
  • 60,000 sq ft undercover storage for kiln dried pallets

Wood reprocessing

  • HLC was the first UK pallet manufacturer to have a wood waste reprocessing facility
  • Wood waste from our process and collected from customers is chipped & then fuels one of 3 wood-waste boilers (4.5 MW combined across our sites)
  • All kilns run off wood waste & have oil fired back up
  • Factory heating is provided by hot water via the wood waste boilers
  • Provides an environmentally friendly wood waste recycling service to our customers


  • 10 vehicle HGV fleet
  • 30 Trailers (flats, curtain-sides and mega)
  • 28 Jungheinrich counterbalance FLT’s
  • 12 Loading/Unloading bays at each of our primary manufacturing facilities
  • On-site workshop & mechanics


  • 2 shift system (6am-2pm / 2pm-10pm) plus Saturday
  • Automated production lines situated in 5 separate factory units across 3 sites.
  • Combined capacity in excess of 200,000 pallets per week

Design & Prototyping

  • Full AutoCAD and PDS Design Ability
  • Advanced prototyping and simulation