As part of our progressive approach HLC worked in collaboration with our kiln partners to develop a bank of 4 specialist chambers with the intended outcome of increasing speed and quality of drying.

3 months on from our initial commissioning tests with the Forestry Commission we have been able to really stretch the legs on these powerful chambers and pin some truly impressive statistics to this industry leading technology.

Effective kiln drying is really quite a dark art and we are enormously pleased with the quality and efficiency gains we have made with this bespoke set-up.

In addition to this Heat Treatment charges have been regularly achieved in as little as 3 hours, in some cases around half the time of similar older technologies.  Our Upwood kilns are a real step ahead of the industry and like all other kilning across the business are fired on biomass.

HLC boast the largest and greenest kiln drying facilities and capacities in the industry.