Why choose us?

Some may say that one pallet is much the same as any other, and in essence they would be right! That’s why the finer detail is so important when choosing a supplier to work with, as it’s those details that define us from the rest. We believe that our offering is superior to the alternatives out there and have worked very hard to develop a value proposition which is attractive and sustainable. Here are some of the details which we believe separate us from our competitors and make us the best choice for your supply partner.

Our people

We are very proud of our people; they are critical to our success and ensure that we meet the expectation of our clients and the high standards of our production. Our people do not cut corners. We have strong roots as a family business, and this ethos extends deep into the culture of our business, we celebrate the idea of family and reflect this in our policies and approach.

It’s critical that we perform at our best as a business, and can only do that with dedicated and motivated employees. We have extremely high staff retention levels, we value long service and commit to develop and nurture our people to help them to grow.

The charts don’t lie…

We must be doing something right! The last thirty-five years has seen vigorous yet stable organic growth in company turnover averaging between 10 and 20% year on year with continuing investment in people and infrastructure. Our turnover and staff levels have doubled in the last 5 years, with continued ambitious growth planned for the future.


We have been proactively investing heavily in our infrastructure, manufacturing technology and staff. In the last year we have opened one new site, and are already working on site number three to offer not just the safety that comes from having multiple site redundancy but strategic positioning to cater for more of the country and reduce our transportation miles. Our sites have some of the most high-tech production lines and facilities available, with market leading pallet production capabilities.

Sustainability & the environment

We are a mindful business and we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We have invested heavily in making our production process as waste efficient and sustainable as possible.
We were the first pallet manufacturer in the UK to use biomass for heating our kilns and solar for powering our factories. This saves around 1m litres of oil per annum. We are also proud of the fact that we produce virtually zero waste.

Robust supply chain

We work closely with a great number of sawmills and sawmilling groups throughout the UK and Europe to ensure we have a robust, reliable and flexible supply chain which can offer the most value to meet the requirements of our customers.
We are a progressive and collaborative business; we value honesty, teamwork and trust and look for these attributes in our business partners and wider relationships.

Did we mention our people?

We are very lucky to have so many talented and dedicated people in our business. The culture we have as a business is one of the greatest assets we hold. It provides a very special ingredient to our business which we know is far too unique to be replicated.
We really do care! At whatever level you look at within our business you will find people who are dedicated, proud and passionate about what they do.


We won’t let you down! We have an incredibly resilient multi-site production infrastructure backed up with a robust supply chain. With soon to be three production sites, our own managed and maintained fleet of HGV vehicles our customers are safe in the knowledge that we will always deliver. You can be certain we will always go the extra mile and exceed your expectations!